We are the owners and/or editors of the journals who, with our collectivist, corporativist and communal working system, try to carry out the scientific publishing activities in our publishing organizations in a sustainable and high quality manner.

We established OJOP to improve scientific digital publishing in the world. (https://www.ojop.org/) At Ojop, we are trying to solve these problems:
1. Accreditations in scientific publications,
2. Standardizations in scientific publications,
3. Transparency of processes in scientific publishing,
5. Sustainability principles in scientific publishing,
6. Ethical principles and principles in scientific publishing,
7. Optimum search for lower and upper limit values ​​in scientific publishing, etc.

And with these principles, we decided to create an international index with Turkey location, with the participation of our partner journals.

OJOP, Online Scientific Journal Publishers and Editors Platform, is a platform and union established in 2018 for the purpose of cooperation, solidarity, integration and accreditation between online scientific journals and book publishers formed by online journal and book publishers.
We aimed to harmonize with the accreditation conditions of other directories, especially TR Index, and to ensure that the conditions for academic promotions and assignments are arranged in a way that will not be against the publishers.

Our Indexing Service

OJOP; consists of publishers who have come together to create an international index. For this reason, this initiative, which was initiated to provide Turkey with a respected INDEX in scientific and cultural terms, continues its activities in accordance with the principles of openness / transparency, governance, ethical principles, rule of law and pluralistic and participatory management.

We currently have more than 100 scientific journal publisher and editor stakeholders / members, and with this quantitative strength, we have started our international indexing process. For the index, our journal acceptance form has been suspended. Link to fill out and submit the form: https://www.ojop.org/journal-submission-dergi-basvurulari/

We invite the owners and editors of online scientific journals, who are not among us now, to join us in order to bring Turkey a respected index in the international scientific community.